Updated to DHEC Guidelines for COVID-19.

Dhec guidlines

See the attached Document for updates to the DHEC Guidelines for COVID-19 below. 


Please note the changes in quarantine and isolations timelines,

and note the new attestation page (see page 27) which MUST

accompany a picture of at-home test result.  We will accept

at-home tests according to the DHEC guidelines.


If a nurse sends a student or staff member home who is symptomatic,

we will not accept a negative at home test THAT DAY or the next. 

The symptomatic individual can only test according to guidelines

(on/after day 4), and if circumstances are such the nurse is still

suspicious about symptoms, or there’s a question of symptoms and

when they appeared, nurses can ask parents to seek testing by IHP.  


Everyone, please understand, we will tread these murky waters

the best we can, and we will have to consider case-by-case circumstances

because everyone’s is different.  In short, we will do the best that we can with

what we have in every circumstance as some may be more complicated than others.