Bamberg One and Two Will Revert to Virtual Instruction Wednesday

Student On computer

Faculty, Staff, Students, and Parents,

After consulting with principals, nurses, DHEC, and our State Department of Education, and given current COVID conditions in our schools, Bamberg Districts 1 & 2 will revert to virtual learning for all students beginning Wednesday, Sept 1st through Wednesday, Sept 8th.  The district will continue to monitor COVID rates among staff and students during this time and adjust dates if necessary following Labor Day.  We will provide an update on resuming in-person learning on Tuesday, Sept. 7th.  All staff except those in isolation or in quarantine are to report to schools and work at normal working times.

*Parents and staff please note, if you have been given specific quarantine or isolation timelines due to sickness or exposure, you must adhere to those timelines regardless of the district’s virtual learning dates.  Further, please be advised per DHEC guidelines, home testing results are not acceptable for the shorter (7 day) quarantine option.

We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of staff, students, parents, and community at this time.  It is a culmination of student/staff positivity rates as well as the volume of quarantining among students and staff that affect our decisions. We have been and will continue to put the health and safety of all students and staff at the forefront of our decision making.  

Tomorrow, principals and teachers will be informing students and parents how to access online learning and classroom materials during virtual days.  Should parents/families require mobile wifi hotspots, they can request these at their child’s respective schools or complete the online application. Also, to receive a mobile hotspot, parents must return a signed Acceptable User agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s principal.